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Hey there, it's Coach Jordan, and welcome to another one of our growth tools. Today, I want to talk to you about how we can take your biggest challenge and turn it into a course. Last week, I had the privilege of being on a mastermind call with Gary Keller, and he shared a document with us that outlines step by step how he writes a course. Let me tell you, it's pretty brilliant. You can download it below and check it out for yourself. It has so many different uses, but one idea really stuck with me. It got me thinking, what if we took our biggest challenges, whether in our personal lives or our businesses, and transformed them into courses?

Authenticity is Key:
First things first, when you decide to turn your biggest challenge into a course, it's crucial to be honest and authentic. Let people know that you're addressing a topic that you personally struggle with. By sharing your own experiences, you create a connection of trust and relatability, which enhances the learning experience for your students.

Creating a Deadline:
One powerful benefit of turning your challenge into a course is the creation of a deadline. Once you announce your course and set a specific date, you hold yourself accountable. Even if only one person signs up, the commitment to teach forces you to prepare thoroughly. This sense of responsibility ensures that you invest the necessary time and effort into delivering a valuable learning experience.

Discovering Solutions through Course Creation:
As you embark on the process of writing a course, you'll find yourself delving deep into studying and analyzing the challenge at hand. Researching and structuring your course material will expose you to potential solutions and insights that can help you overcome the challenge personally. The act of teaching becomes a transformative experience, benefiting not just your students but also providing you with fresh perspectives and the tools to conquer the obstacle.

Embrace the Versatility of the Course Outline:
The outline provided by Gary Keller is not just for creating full-fledged courses. You can use it as a guide to develop workshops, webinars, or even a series of blog posts. Its structure serves as a powerful tool to organize your thoughts and effectively communicate your knowledge to others.

So, let me encourage you to take your biggest challenge and transform it into a remarkable opportunity for growth and transformation. I believe that authenticity, creating a deadline, and embracing the learning process are essential elements in this journey. Share your experiences, inspire others, and equip them to tackle their own obstacles. Download the outline provided by Gary Keller, and let's start turning challenges into opportunities through the creation of impactful courses. Remember, your journey matters, and by teaching others, you'll be amazed at the insights and growth you'll achieve along the way. Now, go out there and make it happen!


Click Here to Download Gary Keller's Outline


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