When Did Your Intention Become an Instead?

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Today, I want to share a question I've been asking my coaching clients all week long: "when did your intentions become your insteads?"  You know, it's like when you set out to do one thing, but somehow end up doing something completely different. 

As a coach, I'm all about empowering individuals to make mindful choices. Think of plans as seeds we plant at the start of the week—commitments we make to ourselves, like hitting the gym or buckling down on work. But life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, and those well-intentioned plans can often morph into something entirely different. Maybe you intended to exercise, but opted for a few more hours of sleep instead. Or perhaps you aimed to focus on work, only to find yourself easily distracted.

But here's the thing: rather than dwelling on these deviations, let's explore the precise moment when our plans went awry. Who were we with? What thoughts were running through our minds? How were we feeling at that time? Understanding these nuances can offer invaluable insights.

That's why I've developed a simple worksheet, which you can grab below, to help pinpoint that pivotal moment when our plans shifted course. Armed with this awareness, I can better support you in staying aligned with your goals.

Because achieving our goals isn't just about having a clear plan—it's about making choices that align with that plan. It's about recognizing when adjustments need to be made and having the courage to pivot accordingly.

Instead of dwelling on past missteps, let's use the power of our imagination to envision alternative paths forward. By understanding the factors that led us to our current position, we can make more informed choices in the future.

So, when did your plan take an unexpected turn? Let's unravel this together.

Until next time, Live Freed.



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