Creating Miracles: Your Three Wishes

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Today, I want to take you on a captivating journey, one inspired by a beloved story we all know—Aladdin. So, if you haven't watched this Disney classic, I urge you to pause, take the day off, and immerse yourself in its magic. Aladdin, a young dreamer, longs to become a prince and discovers a lamp with a genie inside. The genie offers him three wishes, but there are rules. No wishing for more wishes, no making someone fall in love, and no resurrecting the dead. These rules make us ponder the nature of wishes and their impact on our lives.

Interestingly, in my coaching career, I've noticed that most people aspire to create three miracles—three extraordinary experiences or achievements. It's a number that often emerges as the average. Recently, I came across a book by Emmet Fox, where he emphasizes our responsibility to create the mental equivalent of what we desire. This concept resonated deeply with me.

You see, everything in our lives first takes shape within our minds through a process called first creation. We imagine, visualize, and cultivate our desires before manifesting them in the physical world—a process familiar to us all. Think about how you choose your outfit for the day. You consider where you're going, select your clothes, and leave the house, following the blueprint you created mentally. This process extends to big and small things alike.

To help you harness this power of first creation effectively, I'd like to draw an analogy with a 3D printer—a tool that brings digital designs into physical reality. Similarly, I believe every human being possesses an inborn 3D printer—their imagination. Just as you program a 3D printer, you can program your mind with precise details of your desired miracles.

So, let's reframe the genie's questions from Aladdin's story. If I could grant you three miracles in your life, what would they be? I invite you to get specific, diving into the minute details of each miracle. Visualize the moment they manifest, engaging all your senses to truly feel and experience their reality.

But there's a crucial element to consider—the "why." Why are these miracles important to you? Understanding the underlying significance amplifies your connection and commitment to their realization.

Now, find a moment, a space where your thoughts flow freely. It could be a walk in nature or a cozy corner in a bustling coffee shop. Take a seat, close your eyes, and imagine stepping into that mythical cave, discovering a magical lamp, and releasing the genie. Allow yourself to dream, envisioning three miracles aligned with your heart's desires. Write them down, feel their essence, and embody the person who has already achieved them.

As you embark on this process, I encourage you to share your revelations with me. Feel free to post your experiences here or reach out via email. I'm eager to witness your transformative work.

Thank you all for joining me today. I have unwavering faith that you'll embrace this week with immense power and create your miracles. Have a fantastic week!




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