Three Perspectives

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Today, I want to talk to you about the power of perspective. Perspective is like a tool that helps us dig deep and find the hidden strengths inside us. As a coach, it is our job to bring out these hidden strengths in the people we help.

Let's play a little game of "what if."

What If Someone Offered to Buy Your Business?

Imagine you own a business, and I come up to you and offer to buy it for a billion dollars. And here's the kicker: after selling, you can start the same business again, right next door. Sounds tempting, right? I bet almost everyone would say yes.

But What If There's a Catch?

Now, what if I told you that you could have this billion dollars, but it comes with a condition. You can enjoy the money, but only until you go to sleep tonight, because you won't wake up tomorrow. Would you still take it? Most people wouldn't. This shows us something important—just waking up tomorrow is worth more than a billion dollars. Do we really treat each day like it's that valuable?

And What If You Woke Up Feeling Sick Every Day?

Here’s another scenario: what if I give you the billion dollars, and you get to wake up tomorrow, but you'll always feel sick, like you have the flu, for the rest of your life. Would you still want the billion dollars? Again, most of us would say no. A day without sickness feels more precious than all that money.

Lastly, What About a Life Without Loved Ones?

Finally, imagine I offer you the billion dollars, you'll be healthy and live into your 80s or 90s, but the catch is you can never see or talk to your family and friends ever again. You’d have to start all over, alone. Would you do it? The answer is usually no. This tells us that the people in our lives are priceless, more valuable than any amount of money.

What's the Point of All This?

These scenarios help us see that we often take the most important things for granted: our time, our health, and our loved ones. These are things you can't buy with money. They are truly priceless. But do we treat them that way? Do we give them the attention, care, and love they deserve, as if they were worth billions?

This week, I challenge you to look at your life through these perspectives. Value your days, take care of your health, cherish your relationships. Let’s see how this new view changes things for you.

Have a great week, and remember to treasure what truly matters.


Following a very simple three-step process, break in, break down, break through, Jordan helps his clients design and live their best lives while maintaining a profitable business.


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