My Freed Life Christmas Gift Ideas

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We've got something special for you – the My Freed Life team's top picks for gifts in 2023! Each of us chose our favorite gift idea, so you'll find a mix of cool stuff that suits different tastes.  Check out our list to see what each of us is loving this year.  Let's dive in and discover the awesome things we're excited about!



Favorite New Thing I Found this Year…
The Fourth Wing & Iron Flame books… 

🔗 Fourth Wing Link
🔗 Iron Flame Link

Why I Love Them…
I am a huge nerd and love to read.  It wasn’t until fall of last year that I rekindled my love for fiction.  Since then my favorite books have been these two from the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros.  Think Game of Thrones meets Hunger Games meets Harry Potter.  Be warned.  Once you start reading other areas of your life will suffer.  So so good. 



Favorite New Thing I Found this Year…
Paint by number canvases, like this one I recently finished

🔗 Paint By Number Canvas

Why I Love Them…
It doesn’t take much talent to create beautiful artwork for your home or office with these paint by number canvases; but it does take a ton of focus and patience. I’ve really enjoyed expressing this creative outlet after a full day of productive focus. It feels nice to refill my emotional cup with quiet and calm, where my thoughts can finally untangle, after I’ve been pouring into everyone else all day long.



Favorite New Thing I Found this Year…
Rummikub- The Original Rummy Tile Game

🔗 Rummikub

Why I Love Them…
This year I have rediscovered my love for family games. Not only do they give us a break from our screen time, but it gives us a chance to laugh and have fun together. If you’re looking for a great game of strategy and competition for all age groups, I highly suggest this one.



Favorite New Thing I Found this Year…
Rechargeable Electric Lighter

🔗 Rechargeable Lighter

Why I Love Them…
I really love my electric lighter! It was a Christmas gift last year, and I use it almost every day. I'm a big fan of candles, especially in the winter. The best part is, when it runs out of power, all I have to do is plug it in to charge, and it's good to go again. No more dealing with matches or those throwaway lighters.  Makes a great stocking stuffer. 



Favorite New Thing I Found this Year…
Personalized Hand Crafted Premium Bamboo Coin Bank

🔗 Personalized Hand Crafted Premium Bamboo Coin Bank

Why I Love Them…
I love my personalized hand-crafted bamboo coin bank because its meticulous craftsmanship, eco-friendly bamboo, and personal touch make saving money feel uniquely special and aligned with my commitment to teaching my child to save at an early age.


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