Getting Unstuck

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We've all been there, caught in a state of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or stressed. It's that moment when we're not making the progress we desire, and it feels like the opposite of happiness. Progress equals happiness, as the saying goes, and getting unstuck is essential for our well-being. In this blog post, we will explore a simple yet effective approach to help you or those you lead get unstuck and back on the path to progress and happiness.

Step 1: Name the State
The first step in this approach is to identify and label the state you're in. Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, or something else? Giving a name to your current state helps you acknowledge and understand it. By doing this, you take the first step towards regaining control.

Step 2: Seek Permission to Play a Game
Next, you invite the person feeling stuck to play a game with you. This might sound a bit silly, but it's an important psychological tool to engage them. Ask if they're willing to play along, and most people will agree.

Step 3: Recognize You Are an Achiever
Now comes the pivotal question: Is being stuck something you catch, or is it something you produce? It's essential to help them realize that they produce this state themselves. Stuck isn't like a contagious disease; it's a state of mind and actions that they have created. Once they acknowledge this, you can guide them to accept that they are an achiever at producing the state of stuck.

Step 4: Walk Through the Process
Encourage them to share how they achieved the state of stuck. Ask them to take out a sheet of paper and list everything on their to-do list, both personal and professional. This exercise helps them lay out all the factors contributing to their feeling stuck. Then, delve into what they say to themselves – their personal podcast – that reinforces this state. Finally, uncover what they are ignoring or neglecting, which often includes good habits like exercise and self-care.

Step 5: Gain Awareness
The three areas – what they're focused on, their self-talk, and what they're ignoring – are key to understanding how they produce the state of being stuck. This process brings awareness and clarity to their actions and thought patterns. Once they can see the muddy roads they're traveling on, they'll be better equipped to avoid them in the future.

This multi-step approach might seem simple, but it is a powerful tool for gaining clarity, self-awareness, and ultimately, getting unstuck. It's like finding those familiar muddy roads and choosing not to drive down them when it's raining. By understanding how you produce the state of being stuck, you gain the ability to get yourself out of it.

Not only can you apply this approach in your own life, but you can also use it as a coaching leader for those you guide, whether it's your children or team members in your business. Progress equals happiness, and breaking free from being stuck is a significant step toward achieving that happiness. So, next time you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed or stuck, remember this simple approach to regain control and steer back on the path to progress and fulfillment.


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