Crafting Your Best Life: A 90-Day Video Challenge Inspired by MrBeast

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“We suffer more from problems of abundance than scarcity.” 

The first time I heard that quote the meaning was lost on me.  And yet today I know it to be true. 

Our lives are surrounded by and bombarded with choice.  It’s everywhere, everyday, all the time.  Virtually anything you want can be delivered to you within seconds or days.

Food, clothes, shelter, take your pick. 

With every great blessing there is also a slew of inevitable curses hence the suffering. Lost in a cascade of never ending options we are losing our ability to confidently choose.  When we find ourselves in a world of infinite choices but governed by the finite law of time we create a pressure many of the generations before us never even dreamed of. 

This abundance of choice shows up in many places throughout our lives but none as more prevalent than in our goals.  When endless possibilities clash with the finiteness of time, energy, and effort we must make a decision.  As Jay Papasan writes in his best selling book “The ONE Thing” we must all make peace with the notion that although we can virtually have anything…we can’t have everything.  We are forced to choose.  

One way I’ve found to make this decision easier is to shrink the time period we are playing in.  That’s where the 90 day video comes into play. 

Inspired by the wisdom of Gary Keller and motivated by the unconventional challenges posed by YouTube sensation MrBeast, I've decided to embark on a 90-day video journey to document my quest for a life on my terms. Join me as I break down the steps to creating your own 90-day video challenge.

Step 1: Define Your Terms

Gary Keller, the renowned author and entrepreneur, emphasizes the simplicity of success: knowing what you want and actively pursuing it. However, the challenge lies in the fact that most fail to define their terms clearly. Take the time to reflect on what a life on your terms looks like. What are your dreams and aspirations? What activities bring you joy and fulfillment? Create an exhaustive list to get as clear as possible about what you want in various areas of your life. Answer this question…what does a life on my terms look like. 

Life on Your Terms Worksheet

Step 2: The Best 90 Days Exercise

Once you have a comprehensive list of your life on your terms, it's time to narrow your focus. Use the Best 90 Days Exercise to envision what success looks like in the next 90 days. What needs to happen, both personally and professionally, for you to consider this period the best 90 days of your life? Chunk down your goals into actionable steps to ensure they are achievable in the given timeframe.

Best 90 Day Exercise

Step 3: The 90-Day Video Challenge

Inspired by the power of visualization and commitment, I invite you to create your 90-day video. Imagine having a conversation with your future self 90 days from now, reflecting on the accomplishments and experiences of the best 90 days you've just lived through. This exercise is a powerful catalyst for turning your aspirations into reality.

90 Day Video Worksheet

The concept of the 90-day video challenge draws inspiration from innovators like MrBeast, who have redefined content creation on platforms like YouTube. Known for his extreme challenges and philanthropic endeavors, MrBeast has demonstrated the impact of setting audacious goals and pushing one's limits.

Closing Thoughts:

As we embark on this 90-day video journey together, remember that success is not a distant concept but a series of intentional steps taken every day. Join me in creating a life on our terms, inspired by the clarity of vision outlined by Gary Keller and the daring challenges set by MrBeast. I encourage each of you to record your 90-day video, send it to [email protected], and let's make these next 90 days the best ones we've ever lived. Together, we can turn our dreams into reality and redefine what success means for each of us.


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