5 Questions for Unlocking Personal Performance

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Hey there, I'm Coach Jordan, and I'm thrilled to bring you another powerful growth tool. Today, we're diving into the five questions that have the potential to unlock your personal performance and take your life to new heights. The document you can download below is a treasure trove of my all-time favorite coaching questions and formulas. It's a resource that I encourage you to use for your self-improvement journey.

Download the Worksheet

These questions are more than just prompts; they are gateways to transformation. Here's why you should give them a try:

1. Comprehensive Life Coverage: These questions encompass every facet of life. They're not limited to just one area like finances or business. Instead, they address the holistic nature of our existence, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in your journey to personal growth.

2. Self-Coaching and Coaching Others: The beauty of these questions lies in their versatility. You can use them to coach yourself effectively or extend the same benefit to others. Whether you're a solo journeyer on the path to self-discovery or a coach guiding someone else, these questions will be your trusted companions.

3. Monthly Self-Reflection: I encourage you to make this worksheet a part of your monthly routine. Download it, answer the questions, and then revisit your responses in the following months. This simple practice can reveal profound insights into your progress. Are you getting better? Staying the same? Or perhaps, you've noticed areas where you need to put in more effort.

Each one of us carries untapped potential within, waiting to be unleashed. We all aspire to perform at our very best, and this worksheet is your systematic roadmap to achieving just that.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards unlocking your latent forces of potential and performing at a higher level. Download the worksheet, engage with the questions, and watch your life transform.


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